Update re rubbish and 'consultation'


As instructed by the community at the meeting yesterday morning we contacted the
FNDC's Utility Manager Peter Johnson yesterday afternoon.

Peter advised:
1. On the rumor that more trucks would be arriving (under police escort)
tomorrow (Tuesday) he said that he phoned up Warrick from Waste Works to
instruct there would be no trucks going to Russell tomorrow or for the rest
of the week.
2. A meeting will be held on Friday in Russell with Council officials.
3. After that meeting the Council will decide what happens next.
4. If rubbish trucks turn up at the Russell tip tomorrow or for the rest of
the week they are in breach of Council instructions.

We are still working on the details and time of the meeting and are advised
that new CEO of the FNDC will take part.
If you see any trucks dumping rubbish from outside of the peninsula this week
please inform the drivers that they are acting without permission.

There was an other protest at the tip this morning with more than twice as many Russell residents present as yesterday.  TVNZ was there and we have had many inquiries from media all over the country.

Putting the record straight on 'Consultation'

Communications Manager Alison Lees said today on RadioNZ today and in her media release that "The Council advised Ratepayers Association and Russell Protection Society of its intentions 10 days beforehand.". On the RadioNZ item she used the word "consultation".
This is what happened:
A member of the Russell Ratepayers committee read in Council minutes on their website that the Council had decided to dump District waste at Russell.  The Ratepayers Association then contacted the FNDC to request an explanation.  Peter Johnson and Councillor Bowman came over to Russell for an informal meeting 2 weeks ago where they advised what they were going to do.  It was certainly not consultation and Lois Elliott and and Martin Leiding were surprised to hear that they were starting so soon. Martin Leiding advised Peter that he did not like the proposal and that he could not imagine that the Russell community would support Council's plan. He said that he would forward the information to the Russell Protection Society committee and Lois Elliott advised that she would raise it at the Russell Ratepayers AGM in on 6 December. 
The next day FNDC issued this press release announcing their plan and Martin informed the Russell community.