Newsletters and Reports

Annual Report 2009

Your Society was able to serve as the coordinating body to fight an ill-considered proposal by the Far North District Council to use our small tip to dispose of most of the Far North's waste. This half baked scheme was apparently dreamed up by a Kaitaia councilor ...(click to read)

Annual Report 2008

The newly reviewed District Plan now contains a wild card provision called management plans. What it effectively means is that any ubdivider can ignore the provisions of the District Plan provided that they produce a "comprehensive" management plan for a site. In reality it has simply become a vehicle for each developer to maximise the number of sections and hence profit, particularly in coastal areas... (click to read)

Newsletter June 2007

I am sending out a short letter to you as a way of keeping you informed of events that are of interest to your Society, in between the annual newsletters that you receive. Your Committee has decided to postpone the mid-winter meeting in Russell until September- October this year in order that more people can attend. Hopefully this letter will fill that gap by keeping you up to date on some important issues ...(click to read)


Annual Report 2007

Last year I expressed a number of concerns about the actions, or in some cases inaction, of the Far North District Council. I am pleased to report that there have been some positive developments in this regard, although some longer term concerns still remain ... (click to read)


Newsletter January 2007

The year 2006 was a very active one for your Society and saw membership climb dramatically and witnessed our involvement in a whole variety of important issues. It has been characterised by some particularly key developments: for the first time all the organisations in Russell were able to speak with a united voice on some important issues; the community took charge of its own sewerage scheme; we worked with another community (Paihia) to prevent high-rise buildings from encroaching on the Bay of Islands ... (click to read)


Newsletter - Annual Report 2006

It is has been a long time since our last newsletter and for this we apologize. It is pleasing to note that this year's AGM was well attended and that the meeting featured lots of good discussion about the future of Russell. Events seem to move at an ever increasing pace in the Bay of Islands, fueled by a runaway property market and an apparent insatiable demand for coastal properties. When this is combined with a local authority that appears to lack both vision and ability, then it is a recipe for potential disaster ... (click to read)