Welcome to The Russell Protection Society Inc

Russell an iconic place and an important part of our national heritage. The Russell Protection Society promotes wise and sustainable development that adds to the existing historic and special character, amenity and economy of Russell and surrounding areas. We seek to protect the values that attract people to live, work and recreate in, or visit, Russell.

Petition to oppose the fast-filling of the Russell tip

I oppose the Far North District Council's proposal to fast-fill the Russell Landfill with District refuse. I agree that utilizing a small country dump such as ours in a sensitive coastal location for a debatable short term financial saving, with longer term environmental, monitoring and remedial costs, is a very short-sighted, narrow and old fashioned approach. I consider that the Far North District Council should continue to send the Far North's rubbish to a properly engineered landfill site.

Breaking News - FNDC plans to fast-fill Russell landfill


Following a meeting with representatives of the Russell Protection Society and Russell Ratepayers & Citizens Association, the FNDC has issued this press release to announce its plans to use the Russell landfill to dump up to 1000 tonnes of District waste a month from the southern area of the Far North.

We are horrified by this proposal and are now researching the issue, including obtaining legal advise.

Annual Plan 2008

The FNDC's Draft Annual Plan 2008-09 was open to submissions and we made a four page submission on the critical issues concerning the Russell peninsula such as water and wastewater, district and structure planning, erosion control, stormwater management / flood mitigation, RMA processes and various infrastructure issues.