Russell Community protesting about rubbish


Russell Community protesting against insane Council decision


The absurdity of the FNDC's decision to bring in truckloads of rubbish every day across the car ferry onto our isolated peninsula became apparent this morning when the first trucks arrived at the Russell landfill.

Many people of the Russell community stood united at the entrance of the Russell landfill at 7am to voice their opposition to the plan of using our small landfill as the District's rubbish dump. We were stunned when we saw the enormous and very smelly trucks loaded with tonnes of District rubbish coming around the corner approaching the historic township.  No one had expected these trucks to be this big and no one could tell what was inside. The smell however spoke for itself.

Unable to dump their toxic cargo the Waste Works trucks then took some time to turn around on our small country road and to leave the peninula again via the ferry.