Russell landfill mass dumping proposal facts


Key Facts:

  • The FNDC has not followed due process by refusing to consult properly with the Russell community, as required by law, about their plans to dump 1000 tonnes per month of District rubbish on the peninsula.
  • The proposal is not consistent with FNDC's draft Waste Management Strategy.
  • The Russell landfill was set up to serve the needs of the Russell peninsula and was designated for that purpose.
  • Russell is situated on a narrow peninsula surrounded by water and is inherently unsuitable for serving as a disposal facility for major parts of the Far North.
  • Because we are relatively isolated, Russell needs to be as self sufficient as possible in terms of water, sewerage and rubbish disposal.
  • The Russell landfill discharges leachate to ground as well as to the sewerage scheme and this ends up in Uruti Bay, with customary and commercial shellfish beds in close proximity.
  • The waste that will be dumped at the Russell landfill includes industrial and trade waste that contains pollutants which are much worse than what is currently being disposed of.
  • While Russell is recycling its rubbish, less than 50% of the Far North waste is sorted.
  • The FNDC does not have a proper business plan to demonstrate that alleged short term savings can be balanced against long term financial, environmental and social costs.
  • The intention is to start dumping District waste almost immediately, starting on Monday 1st December.
  • The Council and the Community Board have met to discuss this matter without ever referring it to Russell Community representatives.