Press Release - re FNDC plans to dump District waste at Russell


Press Release - re FNDC plans to dump District waste at Russell

The Russell community is very angry about Far North District Council plans to dump 1000 tones of rubbish per month from the Far North District at Russell's small rural landfill says Bob Drey, Chairperson of the Russell Protection Society.

The Council claims that it will save $300k by trucking it to the isolated Russell Peninsula rather than sending it to a proper landfill at Redvale, where it goes at present. However, the FNDC has not prepared a business plan to demonstrate that any short term savings will be matched by the opportunity costs created by polluting the local environment and the social disruption caused by taking this important local facility away from the people of Russell.

A petition has been organised and it appears that all groups within the community are united against this proposal he said. A legal opinion has also been obtained and this clearly indicates that Council has acted unlawfully and contrary to it's own LTCCP and draft Waste Management Strategy, to the designation of the site and to the lease agreement setting up the tip in the first place.

The Council's proposal would result in large trucks crossing on the ferry and entering the small landfill at the entry point or gateway to the historic tourist attraction of Russell Township. It will fill up our local tip very quickly Mr. Drey said, and will introduce new forms of trade waste pollutants that will find their way into local bays, where customary and commercial shellfish beds are located.

The FNDC has refused to consult properly with the community, he said, and this has led some people to talk about the need for civil disobedience to stop a Council that simply refuses to listen to local concerns. A meeting has been called for Monday morning, 1 December at the Russell Landfill site so that the community can decide their next course of action he said.

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