Letter No 2 to Council re landfill issue


Following further legal advise we wrote a second letter to the Far North District Council and the Northland Regional Council.

Dear Sirs

The Russell Protection Society has received further legal advice regarding the proposal by Far North District Council to dump an additional 1000 tonnes of waste per month at the Russell Landfill. We are advised that the Resource Consent granted for use of the Russell Landfill does not provide for this. Specifically, the consent for discharge of leachate to ground does not envisage the volume or nature of leachate that will be created as a result of this proposal.

We are advised that the Council must seek a fresh Resource Consent for the discharge of the additional leachate and must also confirm and seek consent for the discharge of any additional toxic materials contained in that discharge.

We have forwarded this letter to the appropriate authorities at the Northland Regional Council so that the conditions of consent applying to the Russell Landfill can be properly enforced. The Russell Protection Society asks that the planned dumping of additional waste at the Russell Landfill that is to commence on Monday, 1 December 2008 be deferred until such time as the current Resource Consent for this facility is clarified and any necessary additional approvals are obtained.