Flagstaff Hill, Russell - Waitoto Developments LTD - subdivision to create 11 Lots

Flagstaff Hill, Russell: RC 2060154 Waitoto Developments LTD to create 11 Lots at Flagstaff Road.  We attended the hearing at the Council chambers. The FNDC declined the application in full, however Waitoto has appealed the decision the the Environment Court. The application is non-complying under the Transitional and Proposed District Plan. Waitoto Development has appealed the decision to the Environment Court. The RPS has filed notice to become an interested party in support of the FNDC's decision. (click to read submission)


ENV-2006-AKL-000850 Waitoto Development v Far North District Council (Flagstuff Hill)
ENV-2006-AKL-001082 Waitoto Development v Far North District Council (Tikitikioure)
The Society, submitters opposing both applications for intense subdivision in the Coastal Living Zone, filed s274 notices to be party to the appeals in support of the Far North District Council's decision declining both applications. Failing mediation both appeals were to proceed to court hearings in July 07 but went back to mediation where the FNDC and the appellant came to an agreement under the "Management Plan" provisions of the District Plan for both applications. We withdrew from the appeals at the point of signing the final consent orders since we could not agree to the subdivisions and their complicated, strict and lengthy conditions and management plans. It was our position, and the Council initially agreed, that a less intense subdivision would have been the simpler outcome in terms of managing the effects. Upon signing the consent orders the Council is now legally bound to monitor and enforce the agreed conditions.

Flagstaff Hill Conditions of Consent Management Plan
Tikitikioure Stage 1 Conditions of Consent Management Plan