Annual Plan submission 2007 to the Far North District Council

Annual Plan submission 2007 - Far North District Council
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The Council responded: Council is not carrying out any water or wastewater studies for Russell at the moment. The reference to Russell reticulation on page 72 of the plan is an error which will be corrected in the final plan. Consultation with the community will take place prior to the progression of any community water supply.

Fact is, Council is currently applying for Resource Consent for the Waitangi Mega Plant and Russell is part of that application, and Council has also undertaken water supply studies for the Russell Peninsula perviously without any consultation. We insist that Council first consults the public before spending ratepayers money on planning infrastructure communities don't want or need. Russell groups have made it abundantly clear in the past that they do not want a reticulated water supply or being connected to the Waitangi Mega Plant.